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An outstanding patient experience.

Welcome to Crescent Regional Hospital.


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The impact of a great experience

At Crescent Regional Hospital, the patient experience is a critical component of our success.


When our patients form positive relationships with our doctors, they become more engaged in their own care. That is why understanding and working to improve the patient experience is critical. 

We understand building trusted partnerships with our patients is important, as patients are more likely to ask questions and comply with recommended treatment plans. 

Patient expectations regarding their "experience" have changed in the last several years. We know our patients are looking for exceptional engagement and experiences to tie in with strong clinical outcomes. 

Patient Liability Estimator

Need to know your costs ahead of time? Get estimates for select patient procedures and services below.

This added transparency can help you understand your financial obligations and get help with paying for costs before you even receive care. This estimating tool creates an estimate of the most common procedures provided at Crescent Regional Hospital.