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Case Management/Utilization Review

Job Summary

Responsible for the coordination and implementation of case management strategies pursuant to the Case Management Plan. Plans and coordinates care of the patient from pre-hospitalization through discharge. Responsible for authorization of appropriate services for continued stay and through discharge. Participates in performance improvement activities.

Full Time

All Clinical Careers

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas

• Able to communicate with physician regarding discharge planning needs of the patient. Assists the physician to facilitate post-hospital care.

• Is knowledgeable in locating the criteria for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance health care coverage.

• Reviews care and treatment for appropriateness against screening criteria and for infection prevention and control, quality and risk assessment; documenting same in computerized database.

• Actively participates and reports in Utilization Management Committee, Quality Council, and other meetings as applicable.

• Consults and works with health care team, as appropriate, to collaborate in patient care.

• Collaborates with other departments to identify operational problems and develop solutions/resolution.

• Meets with and patient and family to assist with disease management plan and discharge planning.

• Educates patient and family on all aspects of patient’s hospitalization, following the healthcare plan and continuing care.

• Responsible for authorization of appropriate services for continued stay and through discharge.

• Orders and arranges for home care equipment, healthcare needs as necessary.

• Works with third party payers to validate need for patient care and home care environment needs.

• Reviews and coordinates the discharge planning function

• Demonstrates strong, accurate decision-making skills.

• Participates in education on and implementation of clinical guidelines and protocols.

• Functions as a patient/family advocate ensuring each patient receives the most cost-effective care possible.

• Documentation meets current standards and policies.

• Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.

• Supports and maintains a culture of safety and quality.

• Remains current on case management theory and practice, psychosocial issues current within the community and the healthcare environment.

Regulatory Requirements

• Bachelor of Science in Health Care related studies; degree in nursing preferred.
• Certification in Case Management preferred.
• Two or more years case management experience.



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